Thanks a lot for all what you did for me_ Every day is a special day for me, because you are there with me, next to me, to make me smile if I ever feel alone and sad!

Thanks for making my world a better and safer place to live in.17.

Thanks for being in my life.66. Thank you for being the man of my dream and I love you with every breath in me.22. See them below.1. Discover and share Thank You For Being Who You Are Quotes. You always go the extra mile to make me happy each time I am sad. For keeping from the feeling of being lonely and bored, thank you very much.13.
“Thank you for being who you are” indicates a more active effort. Thanks so much, my one and only.49. Thank you so much for always entertaining my thoughts and views too.87. Almost like you are thanking the person for qualities he was born with, and did not have to work for. When I thought they was nothing more out of life, you came and proved me wrong.4. Your presence means so much in my life just as much as your friendship. You’ve sacrificed so much to make me yours and all I can say is “Thank You.”6. Thanks for being caring, kind, loving and naughty too. 41 Every time I think of what it means to be a good friend, I think of you.

Thank you for providing a shoulder to cry on, for being clingy when I want no one around, for being you and for being amazing without any doubts!

Thanks for not giving up on me even when you had every reason to.8. Whenever I’m falling, you’re always there to pick me up. The farther away I went from you, the closer to me you came! Thanks, my love.19. Thanks for being the virtuous woman my body, mind, soul and heart longs for.31. Thanks a lot for just being there for me_ The way you manage everything is so very lovely and pleasant, and you made every moment so very, unforgettable for me, that I cannot stop myself from expressing my gratitude to you!_ My biggest thanks to all those who had been there by my side especially in my tough times_ I actually feel myself obliged to thank you for all your presence as well as for all what you always just keep doing for me in order to make me smile_ Mom and dad my biggest thanks to both of you as you both have always been like the two pillars of my life one for support and other for encouragement_ You should always keep in your mind that how important your presence actually is in my life for how much you have done for me every time can never be equivalent to any number of my thank you that I may say to you_ You may not know but I always feel like expressing my gratitude to you for all that support of yours with which you always held me so strong and tight_ I would like to actually thank you from the very depth of my heart for it is only you and no one who can actually hold me so well like you do always _The way you always make me overcome my failures is actually some thing really commendable thanks for being there every time_ My that very feeling of gratitude for you is not only for your mere presence but also because you always made me feel your presence is so very necessary in my life_ I actually never realized that how so soon you just became the most primary part of my very life thank you for always making me feel like a family always beside me_ For me it is only you mom and dad who have always been all the support to me I ever needed in my life thanks a lot for it_ Mom and dad you are just the very best part of my very life who always encourage me every time to face my fears and also over come them a big thanks to you both_ It is only a friend like you who can always stand by your side every time you actually need them to be there for you and I would actually love to express my very thankfulness to my friend_ To be very honest I had so many friends in my life but it was only you to whom I actually feel like thanking for being there for very to support me every time_ To be very much honest I am actually feeling to thank you for all you have done for me always no matter it be a happy or a sad moment for meHtml code here!

Thanks for being in my life.52. Thanks for being in my life.36.

I’m glad to have you.100. I will be glad you did.Would you love to say thank you for being in my life Boyfriend, or thank you for being in my life Girlfriend? Thanks for being my one true love, I’m honoured to have you.15. the shade room, romphim, male rompers, thank you guys for being such good sports # the shade room # romphim # male rompers # thank you guys for being such good sports. _ Your intention of making me feel extra special and extra happy was an accomplishment for you and you deserve an extra thank you for all the efforts that you made to make me smile_ Always remember that your very presence in my life is the only true reason behind all my happiness in my very life. Thanks, my love.11.
I’m glad that we have each other.68. You rejuvenated me when I’m pressed down to earth with your affection and attention.

I have all that it takes to face the world and all thanks to you, sir and ma.80.


Thank you, dear friend, for always being there for me! You are more special than you know.

I’m glad to have you in my life, because you love me for who i am.24.