But I'd wager not any more than any other parent of any other child-focused story.Somehow, the parents' neglect might be the best parenting these kids could ever have when you consider the kids' thirst for adventure and heroism. Chickie's inherited neuroses would overwhelm him, Phil and Lil would continue to have missing teeth from a crystal meth addiction we all saw coming but we're helpless to stop, and Angelica would climb the corporate ladder, just like Mom, and become a female Patrick Bateman.TL, DR: Reptar could not wreck a city more than these parents have wrecked the lives of their children.The whole story is told from the perspective of Tommy Pickles. Temporarily losing sight of your child is something to be forgiven, as it's something that occurs quite frequently among those raising hell-raising toddlers. Didi: Oh, my. I would only watch the title sequence and then I would change the channel. (From an ad in the 7/20/2001 issue of Daily Variety from her and her co-star, Jack Riley; ©2001 Melanie Chartoff. she started to spill her popcorn on the ground, I asked her ''What the Bleep are you doing child?'' The parents in the beloved '90s animated television show "Rugrats" were terrifyingly bad parents.

He is a father of 4 children (Buster, Alisa, Edwin

Just too much for my young child. In 1999 TV Guide declared her 7th in their list of "Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time". Tommy and Chucky are just badasses in their mind who do dangerous stuff.Well, considering that Tommy was still-born, Chuckie dies with his mother in the car accident, and Phil/Lil was Let's look at some other children's television and movies that featured child protagonists:Blank Check had a neglectful father who was so career-focused and overly-proud of his oldest for starting a business that he overlooked his oldest stealing his youngest's life savings, and drove him out of the house.Home Alone shows the McAllister family completely forgetting their young son when they go on vacation. The series can be found digitally and on DVD, and also frequently airs on NickRewind. a giant corporation, MergeCorp. Didi and her husband, Stu (Didi especially), pay considerably more attention to their spoiled niece, Angelica Pickles, and discipline her more often than most of the ot… [Betty opens the patio door and let the Rugrats go out. Of course, when the children do wander back to their ill-parented homes, the adults are completely oblivious of their hazardous excursions, surpassing previously untouched levels of dontgiveafuckability. There are also scary situations in this show that are often over exagerated or serious. does most of the work around the house, playing the part of the Diane "Didi" Kropotkin Kerpackter-Pickles (voiced by Melanie Chartoff): Tommy and Dil's mother.

If it actually showed them into adulthood, we would see Tommy's descent into criminal activity, swapping out a plastic screwdriver for a lockpick.

I grew up on this show and always adored it. I find it absolutely ridiculous that there are parents out there so offended by this character.

Melinda was Chuckie's natural mother who died shortly after Chuckie's

okay back to the show it sucked I hated it .Loved this show as a kid. In Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is rarely seen Didi, Tommy & Dil's Jewish mother, is a home economics teacher

One of the main characters, Angelica is a bully! birth. User Info: KurzWeber72. She is the arch-enemy of Tommy Pickles and the other Rugrats. Help Your Family De-Stress During Coronavirus UncertaintyHow to Help Kids Sort Fact from Fiction About the Coronavirus They finally had Rugrats of their own. Timmy McNulty as Francis Susie Charmicheal as … Didi is a big fan of Lipschitz and is obsessed with him. For instance, take Didila Kropotkin Pickles, aka Didi, aka Tommy's Mom and the literal only reason Stu Pickles didn't descend into madness. Didi was more of a home-maker, sharing responsibilities with her husband Stu, working part-time as a teacher; very sweet but also sharp. The Pickles's household's is a two-storey, two-bay house with a central doorway.