When the footage resumes, Tim is alone, driving away and stopping at an intersection while sirens can be heard in the distance. The cast exploited Marble Hornes' rising internet popularity and put the Marble Hornets has been mentioned in EverymanHYBRID a few times; there was a small shout out in In-universe, Marble Hornets seems to be a fictional series. To date, there are 92 videos on the main channel (87 entries).The series follows Jay Merrick (Troy Wagner), a young man who attempts to find out what happened during the filming of By watching the tapes, Jay discovers that the filming seemed to be hampered by a figure known as "Jay's investigation leads him to meet with Tim and sends him to the abandoned house of another cast member, Brian Thomas (Brian Haight) where Jay finds the house trashed and finds several important things there such as a bullet casing, a pill bottle, a bunch of Alex’s drawings, a water bottle in a closet door along with blanket, and a trail of blood upstairs that leads to the bathroom where Jay finds dry blood in them sink, and that the lights don’t work. Jay decides to take the stuff he found.

Jay then decides to go back to Brian‘s house in case he missed something important, where he has his first encounter with a masked figure who tackles Jay before having a seizure and then Jay waking up the next day with the knife he brought with him gone.

Tim's final encounter with Jessica ends ambiguously; Tim lapses into a coughing fit as the camera distorts and then cuts to black. When Alex attempted to kill Jay and Jessica for their involvement, the two escaped with the help of Tim and booked rooms at the aforementioned hotel, where an attack by the Operator caused the damage to their memories. WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS!! Totheark then responds to Jay with a video revealing they were the ones making the strange noises and were watching Jay the whole time. Jay also learned that the masked figure was Tim. Jay then uploads the next entry revealing that like Alex, he himself had been filming himself for a while but found nothing important and recorded it to a hard drive until he found footage of the masked figure watching him sleeping before Jay disappears for 2 hours. Tim, realizing that Alex intends to kill him, attempts to lure Alex to his home, with the consequence of the house being burned to the ground by Alex.

Un estudiante de cine llamado Alex Kralie desaparece y deja sin acabar una película que estaba rodando titulada Marble Hornets.Un amigo suyo, Jay, consigue el metraje de la película y a partir de su visionado intenta desentrañar qué le sucedió a Alex. He unlocks a safe in his hotel room containing videos and a hard drive revealing the events that transpired during the previous seven months. Having been driven insane by the terror of The Operator and suspicious of Jay spying on him, Alex killed a stranger whose body was then taken by The Operator. The final image of the series is a text card that simply states: "Everything is fine".

When film student Jay gets some tapes from his friend Alex containing footage of a cancelled film project called Marble Hornets, he is followed by an entity called The Operator and finds out the secrets behind the tapes. Tim and Jay set off to find Alex separately. Marble Hornets is a show created by Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage, starring Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, and Tim Sutton. In MH, Slenderman is refered to as "The Operator". It is a paranormal show that revolves around Jay, who uploads his experience with an unknown entity known as the Operator (videos labeled as'Entries'), who is stated to be a different entity than Slender Man.The Marble Hornets Channel is … Marble Hornets (Serie de TV) es una serie de televisión dirigida por Joseph DeLage (Creator), Troy Wagner (Creator), ... con Troy Wagner, Tim Sutton, Mary Kathleen Bishop, Joseph DeLage, .... Año: 2009. Jay is later shot and killed by Alex, leading Tim to take over the "Marble Hornets" channel. Totheark then responds to Jay with a video showing where Jay was during those past 2 hours. A confrontation between Tim and the hooded figure leads to the hooded figure falling to his death, after which Tim discovers that the hooded figure was Brian.
The cast of EMH has interacted with the cast of the Darkharvest00, another Slenderman series, (when they help fix their car,) as well as meeting Noah Maxwell from TribeTwelve, in the video " Noah." Alex and Brian, Alex's friend and lead actor of Marble Hornets, are sitting in Alex's car, with an unknown girl sitting in the backseat, rehearsing some of Brian's lines for the film. Jay then uploads footage of he, Alex, and Tim doing a scene together while The Operator was standing outside watching them through the window. During Tim's final confrontation with Alex, Alex reveals that he wants to kill anyone who has encountered The Operator, as he believes this will prevent the spread of The Operator's influence, and that he has already killed Amy, Sarah, and Seth in addition to Jay, knows that Brian is dead, and believes that Jessica is also dead. With no leads in finding either Alex or Jessica, Jay enlists Tim under the pretense of finishing Tim is revealed to have hidden a video showing that he (in his masked state) and the hooded figure are the ones responsible for Jessica's disappearance and subsequent encounter with Alex and The Operator, with this revelation causing a breakdown in Jay and Tim's working relationship.

The footage shows that, during the missing seven months, Jay had a run-in with Alex, which saw them forming an alliance to find Amy.