He rarely shows emotion, giving a cold impression to others. For example, when the Female Titan was captured, Levi told her he enjoyed watching her suffer and described in chilling detail how he intended to mutilate her human body.Though Levi is aware that his battle skill is in a different league from that of almost any other human soldier alive, he is not particularly arrogant about it, as he knows from experience that no human soldier is invulnerable. Levi then shoots Kenny by aiming with the bottle's reflection. Levi tells Mikasa to distract the Titan but avoid trying to kill her, since she is able to harden her skin.As they enter Karanes after retreating, the Survey Corps receives a hostile response from the public for their failed mission. As he hears Armin's ambitions, his expression is lowered and darkened.The next day, just before sunset, Levi along with the other Survey Corps leaders salute the higher-ups of the brass, including Near dawn, the Survey Corps walk on foot through a forest on a mountain, leading their When Reiner is discovered by one of the Survey Corps members and attempts to attack Armin, Levi attacks Reiner, shoving his blade through the nape of his neck and stabbing him, before kicking him to the ground. Though Levi's squad escapes intact, Armin is deeply bothered by the fact he was willing to kill someone and Levi explains to him that he was able to pull the trigger because he knew that if he did not, then Jean would have died. He is averse to having either himself or his equipment soiled, and has been known to wipe down his blood-smeared blades while still on the battlefield. They find a trail left by a Titan crawling along the ground, and follow it until they reach the edge of Paradis Island. At one point, Levi intercepts one of the Female Titan's attacks, by using her hand to launch himself towards her mouth before she could hit Aside from his extraordinary battle skill, Levi has shown a profound ability to quickly analyze situations, and make calculated decisions in the heat of battle. Levi is prepared and tosses a pouch of gasoline into the air, which is ignited by Kenny's blasts. He does not seem to have much use for hierarchy in general, and he leaves decisions up to his subordinates as often as he can. Because of their hazardous profession and his personal values, he cares greatly for his subordinates' welfare. Levi narrowly dodges being shot, but Nifa is killed instantly. Eren and Mikasa try to convince Levi of Armin's value, while Floch argues that Levi is correct to save Erwin, and a fight between them is only narrowly avoided by the arrival of Hange, who pulls Mikasa off of Levi. However, the two agree that they must go forward with the plan anyway as Eren flies up above the gate and prepares to transform. He raised Levi as well as he could: teaching him knife skills, how to get along with people, and violent behavior. At Dirk's urging, Levi agrees to rest for a minute, using the time to ponder whether things are going well on the other side of the wall. He observes as the Titan calls for him to come out, and later ambushes it by quickly slicing its nape, knocking it down. As he watches Erwin, Levi recalls his order to Erwin to give up on his dreams and die with the rest of the Scout recruits, and the look of relief on Erwin's face at the order. When the formation is suddenly attacked by a horde of Titans coming at their right flank, they change course toward the Shortly afterward, Levi separates from his squad. Hange gleefully begins picking up ocean materials such as coral to Levi's dismay, as he attempts to caution her against touching the water.Aside from his extraordinary battle skill, Levi has shown a profound ability to quickly analyze situations, and make calculated decisions in the heat of battle. Levi and the others make preparations for facing the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, which is waiting for them below.Levi apologizes to a doubtful Eren, before again telling him to make a choiceThe squad finds Rod Reiss transforming into a Titan and Historia trying to free Eren from his chains. Levi searches the ruins of the chapel for survivorsSometime after the fight, Levi and a subordinate return to the site of Rod's transformation and find Kenny sitting under a tree nearby. It is a hard bargain, but Reeves agrees and baits In hiding below ground, Levi and Hange begin work on Sannes,Rather than giving in to the torture, Sannes goads them into tormenting him further. In a rare showing of compassion, Kenny decided to take care of him. Edit: didn't really detail why, but what the person above me said is pretty accurate. Marlowe asks if the Survey Corps really killed the people from the Reeves Company and Levi replies that it was the Interior Military Police, which causes Marlowe to offer helping him to set things right. Before Levi's mentality can sink any further, Erwin tells him not to regret his choices, or eventually, he will no longer be able to make any of his own. If Eren goes out of control in Titan form, Levi intends to cut him out of the nape in a manner that would sever his human limbs, which would grow back in any case. Levi continues to walk silently ahead without responding.Levi is briefly seen again at Trost District, still sidelined due to his injury. The resulting explosion allows Levi to land a successful blow, cutting Kenny across the midsection and forcing him to retreat. He orders Eren to give him all his gas and blades so that he can continue the chase, but Eren panics and demands that Levi give Armin, who has been mortally wounded, the Titan injection he is carrying. Armin has to restrain an infuriated Mikasa from coming to Eren's rescue and killing Levi. VIEW OLDER REPLIES.