Joseph was a musical prodigy as well being a talented artist. Jericho is also able to access the knowledge and memories of those under his influence. When Isherwood calls Deathstroke to speaks to Jericho, he tells Jericho he isn't mad at him, hearing his words during his coma, and gives his condolences over Etienne's death. If the person is unconscious or asleep upon possession, Jericho can use their voice to speak, albeit with their accent or any other speech impairments, and only using the words they know. There are also golden braces connected to the ends of his sleeves and the tops of his boots. He is introduced when Jericho looking at his communicator just before it burns out.Robin then sends off a scrambling signal which burns out his communicator in order to stop the Brain from tracking them. Jericho looking down at Beast Boy after he collapsed.Jericho is a mute and lives a life of solitude atop a flowery mountain summit in Tibet. When he was a child, he was held hostage by the terrorist called the Jackal, sent by the Qurac president in retaliation for Deathstroke killing an important colonel.

The JLA arrived to reclaim him, and he started jumping into the bodies of whoever tried to capture him. Pérez had this to say: "While Marv and I did discuss the possibility of Joseph Wilson being gay, Marv decided that it was too much of a stereotype to have the sensitive, artistic, and wide-eyed character with arguably effeminate features be also homosexual". Almost nothing is truly revealed about Jericho's personality, but we can conclude that he is an innocent, caring, and kind-hearted pacifist who doesn't particularly enjoy fighting and violence.

Joseph Wilson is the second son of US Army Captain Adeline Wilson and the metahuman mercenary Deathstroke. After Jericho was kidnapped by Jackal and his throat was slit, an outraged Adeline shot Deathstroke (blinding him in one eye) for his lies, his infidelity that resulted in his illegitimate daughter, Rose, and for Jericho's fate.As a young adult, Jericho is working as an executive vice-president for a tech firm that his mother owns in Los Angeles, and is engaged to his interpreter, Etienne. Labs in visible distress and asking for his friends' help.Jericho briefly escaped the Titans to plague the presidential election of 2008 of the main DC Universe, even going so far as to use Jericho managed to escape the JLA and returned to the Titans, now inhabiting Nightwing's body. Note that while Jericho himself is mute, he could speak while in Cinderblock's form as Cinderblock's body had functional vocal chords, when his own body did not. This backfired when Jericho jumped into Superman's body. Jackal attempted to obtain information from Slade Wilson, who was secretly leading a double life as a mercenary.

Immediately after eye contact is made, he transforms into a see-through matter that can phase through things, in which Jericho phases into the body of the person he is possessing, giving him complete control. Later, Jericho meets his father's personal physician, Arthur Villain, who is looking for him, but Jericho explains that his father is "tied up" right now.Afterward, Jericho returns home and goes to a support group to deal with his pill addiction and the mistakes he made, including almost killing Rose.

After the meeting, Deathstroke comes to pick up Jericho and hop on a plane, telling him he has changed after failing to change the past. After being held hostage by his father's enemy, Jackal, as a young child, Joseph Wilson (Jericho's real name) had his throat slit and, though he survived, came out of the attack mute, communicating through American Sign Language from then on out. Note that they are not side burns in this adaptation. Like his early comic persona, this version can possess any being he can make eye contact with and is mute. Jericho Real name Joseph William Wilson Aliases None Place of Origin Earth Residence Tibet Species Metahuman Affiliations Teen Titans Justice League Friends Beast Boy, Herald Family Slade (father) Ravager (sister) Grant (brother) Powers & Abilities Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Body Possession, Soul Transformation, Memory Seeing, Knowledge Seeing Weapon Guitar Likes Playing his guitar Nature Peace Serene areas Dislikes Confl… Nothing is revealed about Jericho's life and activities before he became an Honorary Titan. Using his enhanced psionic ability, Jericho minded-control Emiko into hiding at an unknown location to keep her safe from Rose and then goes after his sister, breaking up her chase with While looking for Jericho, the doppelganger attacks Terrence, though Rose manages to save him, but Hosun is killed.

As a result, Joseph was rendered Following the incident, Joseph's mother Adeline divorced Slade (she had previously tried to kill him, but only succeeded in blinding him in one eye) and took Joseph and his older brother Sometime later (in a storyline called "The Judas Contract"), Adeline and Joseph discovered that Deathstroke had accepted a contract on the Jericho proved to be a sensitive and pure-hearted individual and was a loyal Titan for many years.

Before the episode "When Jericho possessed Cinderblock, he spoke through Cinderblock, which startled Private H.I.V.E, blowing the Titans' cover. After Deathstroke refused to cooperate with Jackal, citing a violation of his professional code of ethics, Wilson managed to rescue his son, but not before one of Jackal's men cut Joseph's throat.