Select a route as far from the engine as possible to avoid overheating of the line. Support the back end of the exhaust header pipe in position with random lengths of wire looped around the motorcycle frame tubes.Put the provided intake plenum gaskets on the intake manifolds where the carburetors were removed. The billet aluminum plenum directs the air into the » throttle body with minimal pressure drop. Questions about adding a turbo to a motorcycle are not based on whether it's possible, but rather the degree of difficulty to make it happen. There are plenty of clichés to describe the desire for more power in nearly any engine type. ‘Turbo Maximus’ took top honors at the Jekyll Island event, which is not surprising when…A peek at the turbo’d Yamaha that took top honors at the Forged Invitational show, a wild FZ-09 by Droog Moto, Chris Nelson’s custom Ducati Scrambler, and a modded Ducati 749 that tips the scales at just 378 pounds.

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Time has taught us that the only constant is change, and to carry the torch of the power revolution, we bring you the exclusive on this new turbo kit from Sean Ray Turbo Systems (SRTS).We have featured turbo bikes in the past and for good reason; they make huge gains at the rear wheel! A turbo adds as much as 60 horsepower when installed correctly. The oil pump returns the oil through a custom oil return line back to the oil tank.

A custom high-efficiency, ball-bearing turbo is oil fed from the stock oil system. He runs Cherry’s Company out of a cosy workshop in Tokyo, and his builds…There’s always been a small but vocal clique of motorcyclists who want nothing but absolute power and speed. Adjust the bracket to align with the threaded studs on the turbo unit.Put the new exhaust gaskets on the motorcycle's exhaust manifold. Temporarily bolt the headers to the exhaust manifold. Reattach the carburetors to the intake plenum and reattach the fuel line to the fuel pump.

Do not tighten the attachment bolts at this point.Assemble the turbo boost unit, waste gate and exhaust headers provided in the kit.

When installed incorrectly, the bike may not even reach 60 miles an hour.Basic kits include the turbo unit, intake plenum and a boost pressure gauge. Here are five things to bring with you.Regardless of the type of motorcycle you own, there comes a time when it will need to be transported and you can do so with these ratchet tie-downs. A week ago we stumbled across this remarkable Yamaha at the Forged Invitational show.

After that he helped develop the “almost-to-production” Buell turbocharged Diablo with Buell and Siemens/VDO.

Temporarily mount the turbo to the bracket. Reconnect the throttle linkage to the carburetors.Mount the gas tank on the motorcycle.

More expensive kits include electronic fuel injection, a high-pressure fuel pump and a tuned exhaust.

After manufacturing a variety of one-off kits that earned a pile of dyno shootout trophies, Sean recently came up with his first production run of turbo kits for Softails (MSRP $7,995). Tighten all bolts securely. So why haven’t we…DP Customs are famous for their clean, motorsport-influenced Ironhead customs. But that hasn’t stopped clever custom builders from adding forced induction.

He studied architecture at Taft Junior College.

The CX500 rolled out of the assembly line in 1982. Reattach the rider's seat onto the motorcycle.William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. Tighten all bolts securely. They were nothing more than a passing fad and while they presented a bad boy image, a 750cc turbo producing 1000cc power did nothing the 1000 couldn't do and wasn't able to do every thing the 1000 could.

Detach the throttle linkage from the carburetors and remove the carburetors. They were fast, brash and good-looking—and their riders often had more skidmarks than Lewis Hamilton’s driveway. In order to have a reliable turbocharged air-cooled engine with today’s variety of fuels, some sort of knock detection must be incorporated in the ECM’s software strategy. Back in the early 1980s, even the word “turbo” produced excitement.

Reconnect the throttle linkage to the carburettors.Mount the gas tank on the motorcycle. Basic kits include the turbo unit, intake plenum and a boost pressure gauge.

Tighten the exhaust header bolts.