He is an actor and writer, known for Chicago (2002), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Thor (2011). His father, now retired, was head of the radiology department at Windsor General Hospital. My parents are Irish, so there would be music, jokes, stories, tall tales and a musicality in it.

It was an excellent and original watch - and I even found Colm attractive in it! Piper Rockelle. The bigger the part, the greater the disappointment.“Well,” he sighs, “there I was playing Hamlet, the greatest part of all.

Feore did his graduation from Ridley College in St. Catharines 1994

Was born in Boston, but has lived in Canada for 40 years. People would stop me in the elevator and say ‘I looked you up on the Internet Movie Database. is like going home for me,” says Colm. Toronto Life editor Sarah Fulford welcomes actor Colm Feore for the next instalment of our conversation series “This City Live.” Feore is a veteran of the 1,025,243 Torontonians can’t be wrong. Movie Actor. Colm Feore has had no other relationships that we know of.

Thor. Sat, Aug 15 Transferred a few of his classical stage roles to Canadian TV, including his Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet" and Petruchio in "The Taming of the Shrew". Dua Lipa. “I not only have a propensity for it,” he maintains, “but the bone structure and the vocal range as well. Pearl Harbor. But his eccentric Charlie Ross in the TV biopic Truman was totally different from the ice-blooded plastic surgeon he played for John Woo in Face/Off.And then in the Stephen King miniseries, Storm of the Century, Colm attracted everyone’s notice as the deeply evil Andre Linoge.

“Our lives are a game of ‘What’s possible? He’s not starring in a Broadway show, making a miniseries in Rome or finishing off a film in London. If he's dead and he's Canadian and he's famous, I'll be playing him at some point.

Kevin Bacon. Has three children: Jack, Thomas, and Anna. Auditioned for the part of Norman Osborne in Spider-Man (2002). If you want me to go on a TV sitcom for five years and take down my pants, you know, the John Lithgow Retirement Fund, then I say bring it on.”“We love it here,” says Donna, looking around the home they’ve made together. I look on Stratford 2006 as a chance to review all my life up to this point.” Colm was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 22, 1958 and raised in Windsor, Ontario. About. But it’s truly remarkable just how much he manages to feel like an equal to actual 61-year-old Colm Feore, especially as Five wistfully apologizes for his childhood rebellion.

Born Colm Joseph Feore on 22nd August, 1958 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., he is famous for Chronicles of Riddick.

It changed my life.

Colm Feore was born on August 22, 1958, to Irish parents in Boston, Massachusetts.He spent his childhood in Ireland and rose up with his brother, Rory Feore in Windsor, Ontario. Donna Feore and Colm Feore tied their wedding knot on 8th August of 1994 after dating a few years. Colm Feore Movies . Movie Actor.

The two of them got married and then, emboldened by the success of his performance in Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, Colm left the Festival, vowing to try his luck in the movies. 2:20 PM PDT What’s out there today?’” He puts his arm around Donna and they smile, as he reveals one final secret …Colm and Donna spent the summer together in 2002, when he returned to Stratford for a few months as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady and she choreographed, but it wasn’t Shakespeare and Colm was starting to miss classical theatre. “Whenever I start a new job, she always says ‘Go easy, go gentle. I knew I recognized Colm from somewhere, and although his career is extensive and I have many of his films, this one is my favourite. However, there is no information available about his exact weight size. I hope you’re game for a real pile of shit, because that’s what I brought you.’”Nineteen ninety-four was the year of living dangerously for Colm and Donna. I do dead Canadians.