So let the fun begin!Enlisted below are 15 creative ideas for festive Diwali Games and activities that will fill the spirit of Diwali in every student.How about helping kids to make some cards with their own hands through the use of some paint and paper? Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Diwali at your office and increase employee engagement. Ask participants to share their best tip for using your products, then choose the top liked tip or a random winner.Let users enter your contest by taking a “selfie” with your product. Here are some good Facebook contest ideas:You can also use Facebook features to increase engagement on your page during your contest. Anyone can use these local marketing ideas– be it a big brand or a startup, a business or a professional, a restaurant or a mall. 9,000 to be won.A great way of celebrating Diwali is by brightening up a home you know needs some happiness. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I m working as an AM in HR Dept of my office. Your goal might be something like:Set this goal before the contest begins so you can build the contest around it via entry format, submission, etc.Outline what your prize will be (and make sure it’s something your contest participants will be excited about) before the contest begins. Social media is the best way to market and reach to the target audience. For example, you can ask your followers to post an Instagram story with a product review, create a post using your business’s A scavenger hunt is another great option for Instagram. The kid who lights the maximum number of diyas within a pre-set time frame can be declared the winner.A fancy dress contest is another innovative Diwali Games means to get students in touch with a prominence of the festival.The theme could be anything ranging from mythological characters in the legends of Diwali or the colors of Diwali.Teachers can even lighten up the take on professing the teachings by organizing a cosplay of various cartoons.Certainly, the enjoyable festival of Diwali has a flipside to it which manifests in the form of harmful effects due to burning firecrackers.In addition to encouraging kids to work on a ‘Go Green Diwali Project’, you may also engage them with exciting craft activities.You can sit with them and assist them to create beautiful paper firecrackers like rockets and sparklers.Once done, you can proudly display all these hand-made artifacts on your walls for that much-awaited festive look and feel.To do this, all you need to do is to plan a Diwali party as well as a Diwali Games in school. By choosing «Accept», you consent to the use of cookies. She loves to travel and runs marathons. Lina is a content creator at Ecwid. Keep that in mind when considering Facebook contest ideas.Encourage your audience to get artsy with a drawing or painting contest. This is a fun and easy way for your audience to learn hacks and tips about using your products — and creates a dialogue on social media. My office strength is somewhere around 60 to 70 people. Plan customised coupon code for the customers that they can use this Diwali, instead of giving same coupon code to each and everyone, make it personalised for special customers – Offer cashback according to the purchase amount of the particular customers. Teachers can step in to divide the class into groups, allowing one group to quiz the competing group.An interesting tip here would be to appreciate the knowledge of the winning kids’ team with prizes and gifts.Try out this activity with young girls. #BrighterHomesComing soon, a fun and exciting #contest to win prizes this Diwali with House of Hiranandani.Rangoli, lanterns, diyas, there’s a lot you can choose from to decorate homes on Diwali. For example: “Answer a question on Stories,” or “Find [insert #] differences on two similar pictures.” Participants need to complete each task to enter, and the first follower to complete all tasks is crowned the winner.Almost any type of contest can be modified to fit any social media platform. Ask a question like: “The Ecwid blog first posted on  ________ date?” to make people search out the answer within your website. That way, kids will enjoy this game and will also get to try their luck with winning some prizes as well.The legends of Diwali celebration always tell us how good triumphs over the evil.There are so many accounts in mythology that vindicate the significance of the festival.Schools can organize “relive the mythology” contests wherein students can be asked to narrate chronicles from the epics and spread awareness about the values and morals of Vedic literature.You can welcome the festival of lights into your homes with beautifully painted diyas.Diyas can showcase the creativity in your kids when you allow them to shade these in vibrant hues, using watercolors and paints. For example, a Let your audience get involved with naming your products by challenging them to name a new product you’re releasing. Celebrating festivals in office Diwali, Divali, Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights, usually lasting five days and celebrated during the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika (between mid-October and mid-November). No votes so far! Have them create an artistic representation of their favorite product from your store, and then open up voting to see which one your audience likes best.You can also partner with artists and ask them to choose a winner based on their skills. Celebrating festivals in office On the auspicious occasion of Diwali we pray for the divine light to spread into your life.This Diwali double the fun with The House of Hiranadani #BrighterHomes #contest. If you have a Pro tip: you can create recipe contests during the holidays tied to popular seasonal dishes or flavors.Ad libs and fill in the blank contests can help drive people to your online store by testing people’s knowledge. Here are some ideas. And what would spark interest on Instagram? A photo contest? DIWALI CELEBRATION IDEAS IN OFFICE Fun, creative ideas for a corporate Diwali.