Tatsächlich ist Tennis eine erstklassige … We will cover some more ATP players racquets and first off is the Yonex VCORE 100S Racquet Review by guest writer Christian Andersson. By.

Pliskova's first game in a Grand Slam singles final was a worst-case scenario. Wäsche All Rights Reserved.Quick and light, this shoe was built to help players move effortlessly. The newly minted No. If the answer is whippy, then you will love this racket.The VCORE allows you to accelerate through the ball with unbelievable speed and generate a ton of easy power and spin.If you struggle to generate as much power as you would like on the serve, then this is ideal.In fact, if your current racket isn’t very powerful you could quite easily find an extra 10 mph on your first serve with this racket!For me personally (Lawrence), I look for a racket loaded with feel on the serve.When I’m lining up a second serve on a big point, I want to feel every millisecond of the ball on my strings, but with the Yonex, it felt like the ball was gone in a flash.This is just a preference, but there are going to be a lot of people out there who really don’t like how the VCORE plays on the serve.However, if you like that explosive feel off your racket, then you’re going to love this one and are bound to benefit from the results!I found that the VCORE 100 made it easy to hit my topspin second serve and get it kicking up to my opponent, but it was a little harder to control the slice serve out wide.I could perhaps benefit from quite a tight string set up to aid this.If you want an easy speed boost from your serve, then we suggest you take a good look at the Yonex VCORE 100.It helps you to generate great racket head speed, which consequently gives the maximum output that your technique will allow.This racket didn’t personally fit what I look for in a serve, but I know there are many people out there who love to serve with a racket just like this.Evaluating from both sides of the argument, I’ve given this racket an 8 out of 10 on the serve.This is a great racket for an aggressive baseliner looking for easy power and heavy spin.The Yonex VCORE 100 will make life very easy for from the back of the court, taking the strain off your strokes, and allowing you to send your opponent running endlessly with ease.I could see it suiting someone who loves to hit hard from the baseline moving their opponent mercilessly side to side until they have the easy put-away.I certainly don’t see it suiting anyone who spends most of their time at the net as it severely lacks the kind of control and stability that net players crave.However, this shouldn’t be an issue for the kind of player that this racket attracts.It is a real powerhouse on the serve, and it won’t suit everyone.If you like a whippy racket that is fast through the air and gets a lot of ping, then you’re sure to love the VCORE 100, but for every person that likes this feel, there’s a fair few who can’t stand it (I was one, unfortunately).Having tested similar rackets in the Pure Aero Range and Head Graphene Extreme MP I would lean slightly towards the Pure Aero Tour as I think it is a bit more of an all-round racket.If your main focus is groundstrokes though, the VCORE 100 might be the best of the bunch.All in all, I settled on a 7.5 out of 10 for the Yonex VCORE 100.It’s lovely from the back of the court, and if you need a little bit more power in your game, I would highly recommend this racket.Perhaps “marmite” (as we say in England) would be a good choice of word to sum up this review.

Kinderland Although she would also develop into a champion swimmer, it was her affinity for tennis that would shape her future as a professional athlete. Yonex Vcore 100S Racquet Review – Angelique Kerber’s Racquet. See more ideas about Johanna konta tennis, Johanna konta, Tennis. Schuhe Log In. A midfoot elastic lock-down hugs the foot, making for a very snug, and secure fit. But Li retired at the end of that 2014 season. See more of Racket Punk on Facebook. Schreibe unseren Experten! Interestingly, 10 of the past 13 players to beat Angelique Kerber has won 3 of the 4 major titles (Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open), and achieved world number 1 in her highly successful career. Like any racket, it’s all about how you customize it.The Yonex VCORE 100 was good off both sides, and I gave it an 8 out of 10 for groundstrokes.I would lean towards a racket with a little bit more control, but the power and spin it generates are impressive.For me, this simply wasn’t a racket that worked at the net. Create New Account. DIE ZIELGRUPPE Alleine in Bayern gibt es mehr als 2.000 Tennisvereine

Angelique Kerber was just three years old when she started playing tennis. Log In. Three weeks ago in Cincinnati, Pliskova carved up Kerber in the final 6-3, 6-1.